About Us

  • We are ISO 9001-2000 certified project logistics, moving distribution, ware housing and -International freight forwarding company In 1990's we started providing complete project logistics management and start handling dry ports container by rail and road services and handled important projects in Pakistan.
  • In past we have provided our services to PTA, ICI.
  • Serving trade since many years by all modes of transportation i.e. Sea, Road, Rail, Air -Sand  Multimodal Transport System.
  • Our job is to make sure that from raw material to finished goods sitting on the retail shelf, we provide the critical services and information necessary to give our client a competitive advantage in the management of their supply chain.



Afghan Transit Cargo Division

The gradual return of stability to Afghanistan has resulted in growth in economic prospects and an environment conducive to exploring business opportunities. The reconstruction period offered new export prospects for Transportations. We are proud to serve the Afghani public by giving them access to products in line with their needs and requirements.


Customs Bonded Carrier

Licensed Customs Bonded Carriers from Central Board of Revenue, Islamabad for the movement of bonded containers and cargo from Karachi Port Trust to all Hinterland Dry Ports within Pakistan.


Customs House Brokerage

In today’s global economy, a smooth flow of goods is essential to the success of your company. That’s why we are dedicated to handle your freight in a quick and cost effective manner.